The Final Twist has published several anthologies through L&L Dreamspell. They are available in paperback and e-book versions.

  Deadly Diversions (2012)
Solve a mystery today! Houston authors take you into a world of hobbies and pastimes with mysterious, and sometimes deadly, consequences.
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  • A Glint of Death by Sally Love
  • The Detective’s Last Case by Mark H. Phillips
  • Cold Hard Cache by Bridget P. Haines
  • A Boot-Scootin’ Barfly’s Tale by Cash Anthony
  • The Persistent Professor by Natasha Storfer and Becky Hogeland
  • Stamp Collecting Gone Bad by Mark H. Phillips
  • The Ranger’s Triple Play by Cash Anthony
  • A Shot of Courage by Laura Elvebak
  • Chivalry is Dead by Bridget P. Haines

  Underground Texas (2011)
Take a trip through the Texas Underground!
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  • All That Glitters by Sally Love
  • Tunnel Vision by Sally Love
  • Meeting Miss Bettie by Shirley Wetzel
  • Fly Away by Natasha Storfer and Becky Hogeland
  • Invasion by L Stewart Hearl
  • Good by L Stewart Hearl and Cash Anthony
  • The Wild Throbbing Dark by Cash Anthony
  • The Honest Con Man by James R Davis
  • The Fritz Ritz by Mark Phillips
  • Digging for the Truth by Mark Phillips
  • Freedom Train by Charlotte Phillips
  • Bats, Bones & Beetles by Charlotte Phillips

  Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks (2010)
Take a twisted trip to some well-known Texas landmarks with this Final Twist Anthology.
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  • Leap of Faith by Sally Love
  • In the Shadow of The Raven by Sally Love
  • Stone Man by Alexis Glynn Latner
  • Banditos of Telephone Road by Laura Elvebak
  • Peyote by Mark H. Phillips
  • In the Darkest Deep by Mark H. Phillips
  • The Cave in the Canyon by Charlotte Phillips
  • Yes, She Bites by Cash Anthony
  • Sarah Hornsby’s Dream by Shirley Wetzel
  • The Marfa Lights by Cornelia Amiri
  • Crystals, Rainbows, and Oz by Betty Gordon
  • Great Spirit by Betty Gordon

  A Box of Texas Chocolates (2009)
Just like opening a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get with this delicious assortment of fourteen stories. Mystery, Suspense, Romance and Sci-Fi themes, all set in Texas, with a serving of chocolate!
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  • A Box of Texas Chocolates by Linda Houle
  • A Recipe to Die For by Sally Love
  • The Bavarian Drop Killer by Cherri Galbiati
  • Bittersweet by C C Smith
  • Dying for Chocolate by Laura Elvebak
  • Getting a Clue by Pauline Baird Jones
  • JADEAD by Iona McAvoy
  • The Cowboy’s Rose by Betty Gordon
  • Truffles of Doom by Mark H. Phillips
  • Valentine’s Day by Diana L. Driver
  • Books and Bon Bons by Charlotte Phillips
  • A Bona Fide Quirk in the Law by Cash Anthony
  • Deep in the Heart of Texas by Autumn Storm
  • The Invisible Hand Will Smear Chocolate on the Face of Tyranny by Mark H. Phillips

  A Death In Texas (2008)
Murder and mystery with a Texas Twist! Welcome to the second annual mystery anthology by The Final Twist, a Houston, Texas based writers group. Sample an assortment of unique stories set in cities and towns throughout the Lone Star State.
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  • Pushing up Bluebonnets by Linda Houle
  • The Best Man by Cash Anthony
  • Growing Up Dead by Sylvia Dickey Smith
  • Connor Creek Fog by Cherri Galbiati
  • Searching for Rachel by Laura Elvebak
  • Death on the Bayou by Mark and Charlotte Phillips
  • Men in Jeans by Pauline Baird Jones
  • Guilty by Lisa Rene’ Smith
  • Rumors on Rat Shack Row by Alexis Glynn Latner
  • Feels Like Home by Shirley H Wetzel
  • Dead End Job by Cornelia Amiri
  • Dark Pleasures by Loretta Wheeler
  • Secrets of Canyon Lake by Autumn Storm
  • Anna Rose by Betty Gordon

  Dead and Breakfast (2007)
Bed and Breakfast Inns are nice places to visit…but you just might end up dead before breakfast! Enjoy this collection of ten short mystery stories all set in bed and breakfast inns – by The Final Twist, a Houston, Texas based mystery writers group.
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  • The Stand-In by Cash Anthony
  • The End of the Tour by Diana L Driver
  • Traces of Death by John Foxjohn
  • Dead by Breakfast, An Enchanted Rose Mystery by Betty Gordon
  • Veiled Deception, Choreography of a Crime by Betty Gordon
  • The Legacy of Ledgemont Inn by Linda Houle
  • Do Wah Diddy Die Already by Pauline Baird Jones
  • Snake and Smiley by Alexis Glynn Latner
  • The Old Pine Lodge by Lisa Rene’ Smith
  • I Love a Parade! by Gayle Wigglesworth

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  3. L. Stewart Hearl

    What happened to “Underground Texas”?

  4. I cannot locate the submission inbox for the Recipe anthology.

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