Cornelia Amiri draws on her love of history and fifteen years of research on the ancient Celts, to write tales of long swords, hot heroes, and warrior women. Ms. Amiri is the author of five Celtic/Romance novels – Druid Quest, The Fox Prince, The Vixen Princess, Danger is Sweet, and One Heart One Way – which was an Eppie Finalist. Over one hundred of her short stories and articles have appeared in both print and on-line magazines. Her stories appear in the Final Twist’s A Death In Texas, and Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks.

Cash Anthony is an award-winning Houston screenwriter, author, editor, and director for stage and film. Her short stories have appeared in A Death in Texas, Dead and Breakfast, A Box of Texas Chocolates, Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks, Underground Texas, and Deadly Diversions. She holds a B.A. in Plan II and a J.D. from The University of Texas at Austin.

Leif Carl Behmer received his MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Texas–Pan American and his Bachelors in English at the University of Houston–Downtown. His passion for fantasy fiction stems from his exposure to fantasy in both classic fairytale literature and the fantasy role-playing genre of the video gaming industry. His pursuit of the discipline of writing led him to take courses in technical writing and dramatic writing, as well as studying tutor theory. Leif writes dramatic scripts for pop-culture conventions. He is currently a composition and literature instructor at Houston Community College and Lone Star Community College in Houston, Texas.

Debra Black is a computer technician who occasionally enjoys capturing the less technical meanderings of her imagination in print. She has an interest in reading fantasy and science fiction that was kindled at an early age when she discovered her local library. There she found literature that let her share adventures with people she had never met. She wants to advance adventure and promote imagination in other people’s lives.

James R. Davis is a Houston writer, now retired from an eclectic career as a senior executive in the IT, Oil & Gas, amd Securities industries. He has co-authored a two-volume reference work called Motorcycle Safety and Dynamics, as well as over two hundred fifty articles presented on his website, Motorcycle Tips and Techniques. Jim has also co-authored six murder mystery plays with Cash Anthony. His stories appear in the Final Twist’s Underground Texas.

Laura Elvebak is the author of Less Dead (2008) and Lost Witness (2009), (L&L Dreamspell), both awarded five star reviews on Amazon, which features Niki Alexander, an ex-cop turned teen counselor. Her short stories are “Searching for Rachel” featured in A Death in Texas, and “Dying For Chocolate” in the award winning A Box of Texas Chocolates.

Betty Gordon, a native Texan, moved from Dallas to Houston in search of her destiny. After careers as a dance instructor, sculptor, and legal assistant, she followed her dream to write books that would entertain and challenge readers. A supportive husband, three grown sons, and a Maltese who thinks he’s another son complete her family. Her stories appear in the Final Twist’s Dead and Breakfast, A Death In Texas, A Box of Texas Chocolates, and Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks.

Selmin Seren Gulunay has lived in three continents, traveled in four continents, and went to school and worked in two continents. She has an inquisitive mind, healthy imagination, and capacity to ask questions such as’why’ and ‘why not’. She plans on utilizing all of the above qualities and her experiences to devote the rest of her life to writing fiction as well as non fiction. She strongly believes that art is an ageless profession. Grandma Moses is only one, and an important example of this assertion.

Bridget P. Haines is the author of “Cold Hard Cache” and “Chivalry Is Dead” from Deadly Diversions. A native of Niagara Falls, NY, she now lives with her husband Paul in Houston, TX. This self-proclaimed geek-girl is also a gamer, hobbyist photographer and cake decorator.

L. Stewart Hearl is a 64-year-old genius (certified by MENSA). He is also crazy (certified by the Texas State Institute for the Bewildered). If you enjoyed his short story, check out his novel Hamilton Swoop Wizard of Green Ridge. His short stories “Invasion” and “Good” (co-written with Cash Anthony) appear in Underground Texas.

Becky Hogeland has been a Jane-of-all-trades, from “libation consumption engineer” to curriculum designer, and thus brings a wide range of experiences to her work with co-writer Natasha Storfer. She enjoys reading, especially about history, science, and art, and loves music. Her family has taught her to approach life looking for whimsy…and that duct tape goes a long way. Her stories appear in two anthologies: “Fly Away” in Underground Texas and “The Persistent Professor” in Deadly Diversions.

Mackenzie Rain Krosecz is one of the newest members of the Final Twist. Her bio is coming soon!

Alexis Glynn Latner wasorn in Pocatello, Idaho and grew up in Columbus, Georgia. She attended Rice University in Houston, Texas where she earned a B.A. with a double major in Linguistics and German Literature. She’s lived in Houston ever since, except for three years in Berkeley, California, where she enjoyed exploring the Berkeley Hills, San Francisco, and Northern California. While in California Alexis earned an M.A. in Systematic Theology from the Graduate Theological Union. Alexis writes speculative fiction, mystery, and non-fiction, and teaches creative writing. She works at the Fondren Library at Rice University in Houston, and teaches writing through Rice’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. Her stories appear in the Final Twist’s Dead and Breakfast, A Death In Texas, and Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks.

Native Texan Sally Love grew up in Austin and spent more than twenty-five years as a financial writer and public relations/media relations specialist for financial and high-tech companies. She holds bachelor degrees in English and Journalism from The University of Texas and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Houston. She and retired optometrist husband, Lou, live in Houston. Her short stories have appeared in The Final Twist anthologies A Box of Texas Chocolates, Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks, Underground Texas and Deadly Diversions. Look for more of her stories in L&L Dreamspell anthologies, Mysteries, Dreams and Darkness, Mystery of the Green Mist, and Dreamspell Revenge II.

Charlotte Phillips is a novelist and short story writer. With her husband Mark, she writes the Eva Baum mystery series. Charlotte’s short stories have appeared in A Death in Texas, A Box of Texas Chocolates, Demented Dreamspell, I, Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks, and Underground Texas.

Mark H. Phillips grew up reading the classics–especially James Bond novels, Greek mythology, and Batman comics. He is a prolific writer of short stories and novels. His work includes The Resqueth Revolution, a horror/science fiction novel, and the Eva Baum mystery series, co-written with his wife Charlotte. Mark’s short stories have appeared in anthologies A Box of Texas Chocolates, A Death in Texas, Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks, Deadly Diversions, and Underground Texas. He holds a BA from the University of Illinois, an MA from Northwestern University, both in Philosophy and is the 2012 President of The Final Twist, a Houston writers group.

Natasha Storfer is a graduate of Texas A&M’s College of Engineering. After years of working within the limitations imposed by the laws of science, she turned to fiction as an outlet for her imagination and creativity. Her writing includes fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery. Her stories appear in two anthologies: “Fly Away” in Underground Texas and “The Persistent Professor” in Deadly Diversions.

C.J. Sweet is a native Texas who currently resides in Spring, where she taught secondary English and ESL at Westfield High School. Her most recent fantasy novel, “Blue Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair,” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She is currently at work on a sequel to “Blue” as well as a Victorian mystery novel, a children’s book, a romantic suspense novel, and a collection of short stories. Several of her poems and short stories have been published in literary magazines.

Shirley Wetzel was born in Comanche, Texas, but due to her father’s Naval career she grew up in many different states including Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, and California. Later she traveled to Bangkok, Thailand during her husband’s army service. She settled back in Texas, and earned a B.A. degree in Psychology from Texas Tech, and later a degree in Library and Information Science. She also studied Anthropology at Rice University. Shirley began working at the Fondren Library at Rice University as a student, then later joined the staff – and has been there for over 25 years! She loves travel, reading, writing, and reviewing mysteries. Also a music fan, she’s a personal friend of Arlo Guthrie. Shirley is also friends with Kinky Friedman, and has visited his ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Her stories appear in the Final Twist’s A Death In Texas, Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks, and Underground Texas.


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