Comfort Zone (Debra Black)

I have been taken out of my comfort zone. I usually use Microsoft Word on my desktop to type whatever comes into my head at the time I want to do some writing. Now I am bereft of my steady-as-you-go computer tower and working on a different unit that has none of the same settings or preferences tweaked to my happiness level. That has made me wonder… what makes you comfortable when you are trying to crank out several hundred words on that new scene that is sitting trapped in your head?

Do you still use a pen or pencil and paper? Whatever floats your boat, I’m not judging. I like writing with pen and paper for my journal. I just personally cringe at the thought of several thousand words in one sitting with writer’s cramp impinging on that exciting plot point. How about a typewriter? You have one that still works??? Nice! I can’t type without several errors per line. Not the tool for me. If you use a computer, welcome to the modern world. This is where many of us slog through, typing hours of our lives away. The benefits of instant typing correction, spell check, and a plethora of other helpful tools puts this option in the front for me. If you are thinking of getting that fancy voice-to-text recording software… we’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

OK, so you may have noticed I am an I.T. technician, and you may wonder why I haven’t tried the last option. It’s simple. I am a casual writer. I haven’t found the expense of getting the program and training it to recognize my voice so that I can use it to be tempting enough. I didn’t judge you for your pencil and paper caveman approach. Don’t judge my lack of motivation! I do encourage those of you who are serious writers to try it, though. Once you get used to it, I hear it can be a major time-saver. Some of the programs have even been updated to put in appropriate punctuation without having to specify it.

Now you can tell a small device to turn on or off your lights or play a certain song and you can be instantly gratified. I have no doubt that somewhere in the near future you can tell that same voice assistant to start a dictated record of your newest chapter without ever having to turn on an actual computer or scrounge for paper you haven’t scribbled ideas on yet.

Some of us will avoid such luxury for the sake of security. Those voice assistants are notoriously easy to hack at the moment. Improvements such as locking the device with voice recognition for a particular user, and making it impossible for recorded sound to travel outside the residence network without a complex password would go a long way towards making me more comfortable with these devices.

I see a lot of potential in the ways new technology can be utilized to help writers progress. We can balk at new ideas, or we can learn and expand our abilities with improved techniques and technologies as they become available.

Here are some questions for you. Where is your comfort zone? What technologies, software, or techniques have you stumbled upon or researched your way into that may help other writers improve their output and quality of writing? Do you have any suggestions for a particular piece of software? Is there anything recent you have tried that you would tell other writers to avoid? Please feel free to post comments and let your fellow writers benefit from your experience!


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