Halloween Story Time! by Debra Black

Hello, all you ghoulish writers out there. It’s time for another haunting episode in The Final Twist blog space. As you are all probably aware, it’s time to dust off the ol’ witches’ hat and re-mount our collective fall holiday decorations. This year, there’s a better alternative to giving just a few calorie-loaded, hyperactivity-inducing sweets to the wandering superheroes and evil vampires that appear on the gloaming of All Hallows Eve.

Most of you that read this blog have a trick in your treat-bag that could be just what the zombie ordered! This is the perfect time of year to make those skeletons rattle with a bone-chilling short story. Whatever creepy-crawly you may want to employ for your tale, I’m going to give you 10 words to use for a treat that you can raise from the grave to delight your friends and strangers alike. We would love to see what you come up with, if you choose to share.

The purpose of this post is to give everyone who reads it several stories to use for the evening. Your rendition will be used by strangers far and wide to provide a proper scare to local trick-or-treaters. Shorter is better. We don’t want to make the audience disappear before the finale because they are apprehensive at losing their valuable candy-collecting time. Stories should be short enough that you can print up your favorites on a sheet of paper to slip into plastic pumpkin buckets. Please keep reply posts to 500 words or less.

After you’ve written the story, don’t forget to set the atmosphere! For ambiance, try setting up several dark blankets in the driveway or yard with chairs or pillows (that you don’t mind getting dirty). Settle the children in a semi-circle around the story-teller, and don’t forget to let the accompanying adults in on the fun. For an extra surprise, you can do a double-walled blanket enclosure and have a costumed assistant (or a willing parent) ready to jump in from behind at the most exciting part! Just make sure you have enough room to not trample anyone.


Another fun idea is to make a fireplace without the fire by attaching some light-weight red, orange, and yellow cloth strips on top of a wooden or cardboard box (not too large) with a LED battery-powered light and fan inside.  Several online resources are available to help with ideas. Here are a few:

Make a Fake Fire   Realistic Fake Fire

Onto the writing fun! The 10 words I challenge you to put in your story are:











Submissions (use the Leave a Comment button below)  will stay open for seven days, then we will begin voting to see who gets bragging rights for having “The SCARIEST story anyone has heard!” Don’t forget to check back often to pick out your favorite stories for use on Halloween so that you can memorize them or print them out for practice. May your thoughts be frightfully productive, and Ghoul luck!



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