Fun with Haiku – Day 3

Welcome back! (If this is your first trip The Final Twist Blog, you may want to scroll down to the earlier post on haiku. Then again, you may want to just jump right on it.)

Now that we have the hang of the three line,  5-7-5 syllable form, let’s see if we can’t get closer to Haiku by using imagery of nature and seasons to evoke emotion. For today’s topic, you have a choice:

  • Romance
  • Beauty

If you don’t already have the perfect setting for your poem, try these (selected in honor of Black History Month) African landscapes , or these pics of the second largest continent, or, for  fans for The Number One Ladies Detective Agency.

Remember our examples from yesterday:

In the garden pool,

   dark and still, a stepping-stone

      releases the moon

     By O. Mabson Southard


Across the still lake,

   through upcurls of morning mist –

      the cry of a loon

By O. Mabson Southard


Heaps of black cherries,

   Glittering with drops of rain

      In the evening sun

By Richard Wright


Please leave your haiku or senryu in the comments. Have fun!



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13 responses to “Fun with Haiku – Day 3

  1. Mystery Lover

    Beautiful brook
    runs over colorful stones
    that sparkle like jewels

  2. Diver

    Beneath ocean waves
    parrot fish swim among eels
    and colorful fans

  3. Sue

    Pretty kitty runs
    to talk to the butterflies
    they flutter away

  4. Debbie

    It has been a year.
    Her joy infected others.
    She lies silent now.

  5. Mark

    Too tired to pounce,
    A cat eyes a mouse go by.
    A cat too well fed.

  6. Debra B

    Can I convince you?
    Alike to dancing petals,
    your grace fills my heart.

  7. Rick McElvaney

    In the garden pool,
    dark and still, a stepping-stone
    releases the moon
    to arc over the night sky
    Eden where are you tonight?

    Rick McElvaney

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