Flash Fiction Fun (Charlotte Phillips)

Happy New Year!

Just as most of us look forward with anticipation to the annual holiday fest, many find the activity that gets bumped in order to make time for all those parties, family gatherings, and school plays is our writing. So this week is dedicated to blowing off the cobwebs, getting the wool out, girding our loins, sharpening our pencils…and reviving a few brain cells. (Feel free to add your own cliches in the comments.)

At the last 2015 Final Twist meeting, we learned about Flash Fiction – what is it, why is it gaining in popularity, what makes it so powerful?  We used two sources of information: Flash Fiction: What’s It All About? and FLASH FICTION; NARRATIVE STRUCTURE; HEMINGWAY; SHORT STORIES; HARD. If you’re interested in Flash Fiction, these are two good places to begin.

How are these two paragraphs related? We’re dedicating this week to using Flash Fiction Prompts to help us get back to writing mode. Flash Fiction refers to stories under 2000 words, but for our purposes, we are putting the limit at 200 words – and five sentences.

Playing along is easy. Each day, we’ll post a different prompt. You have until midnight to post your flash fiction in the comments. Next week, we’ll create a post that highlights the best post from each day.

Note: By posting a story in the comments, you are granting permission for a one-time re-post of your entry in the body of an article on this site. IF you want to play along and don’t want your work replicated, please say so in your entry.

Are you ready?

Monday prompt: Full Moon

Tuesday prompt: The Gift

Wednesday: Bad Resolution

Thursday: Closure

Friday: Idea



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46 responses to “Flash Fiction Fun (Charlotte Phillips)

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  2. Leif Behmer

    Moon – 1/11/2015
    Excuse me while I slip through the edge of your window curtain and onto your very near sleeping face. I know I’m annoying to you, and you think I’m full of myself. It’s just that I won’t be here much longer. I’m going away, so you can be alone with the stars for a while. I don’t know when I’m coming back, within a month, maybe. You might not notice me if you get to bed before dark. I’ll know then that you don’t want me.
    -Your secret admirer

  3. Stars, lights, bangles, music; a full moon on an overcast night. Mardi Gras dreams.

  4. Charlotte

    I still walk to the river’s edge to observe each full moon. I wrap my arms around myself and remember the times you held me close while we discussed our dreams and the life we built together. I imagine you looking down at the same moon. How can a heart be so filled with love and so lonely at the same time? I miss you.

  5. Mark

    A moon full of madness fills the night sky,
    Raining down sadness that makes all lovers sigh.
    A crazy man howls ’til his god hears his cries,
    And sends him the dreams from which sanity flies.
    Happy the soul who sleeps past the sight
    Of a moon overflowing with lunatic light.

  6. Debra Black

    What a glorious, sultry eve! I, the pale watcher from upon high, see your shadowed, furtive scurrying and I laugh. What’s this? A glimmer in the dark? What is he doing with his pants? OH! Mine eyes! You dare to shine a moon to rival me in the darkness. How uncouth. Savages.

  7. Mark Phillips

    Gives me focus,
    Gives me discipline,
    Demands that I get better and soon,
    Tells me I’m alive yet another day.
    The gift that keeps on shrieking.

    Mark Phillips

  8. C Phillips

    “The Gift” rattled around in my head for hours without producing a single flash of brilliance. Then I remembered, I’m on vacation and can give myself the gift of a day off.

  9. Gift – 1/12/2016
    Thought you might enjoy this for our anniversary.
    I think this is the fifth one you’ve given me, now.
    I had it custom made.
    It doesn’t fit my wrist.
    I thought the color suited you.
    I prefer silver.
    I saved the receipt.
    You’re so thoughtful.

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  11. Jennifer K

    For a shattered heart,
    I resolve to do nothing.
    Hands off is how I’ll heal.
    No bad resolutions here,

  12. Wednesday: What-ifs filled her mind, but the resolution remained buried six feet under a headstone. She’d visit again next year, to assure herself he remained that way.

  13. (I think I put this in the wrong place yesterday, so I’ll leave it here as well.)
    Tuesday: Cradling my wife’s fragile hand, I lay beside her in silence. No more hospital alarms. The first gift of our marriage sat upon her finger, the last delivered as I join her in eternal rest.

  14. Debra Black

    (Ok… so I need to play catch-up. Here is Tuesday’s)
    My fingers are flying as I dance them across the ivory line. Nothing can distract me. I am alive in this creation and it breathes with my gift. There is no audience. The applause in my mind when I stop is more than enough.

  15. Debra Black

    “Maybe I could lose some weight, or be less of a nag to my hubby. I dunno. What do you think, Beth?”
    “Those don’t sound bad.”
    “I could put more money away in my retirement fund this year? Get a better job? Eat healthier? Travel to a foreign country? I can’t decide.”
    “I like the travel one. Take me with you, Lani.”
    “Wait! I know! That tattoo I always wanted. I’ll get that! Pink spangles and a unidonkey! …What? I like donkeys.”

  16. Mark Phillips

    A thug killed Mary.
    She was in the liquor store to buy champagne to celebrate the New Year.
    The CCTV caught just a few few blurred pixels of the shooter’s face.
    Bad resolution.
    They’ll never catch the guy.
    No matter.
    He’s just one pixel in a vast ugly picture.
    Just one hornet in a big ugly nest.
    I’ve made my New Year’s resolution.
    A bad resolution.
    I’m going to become an exterminator.

    Mark Phillips

  17. Sleuth

    He watched her face as she admired the necklace and resolved to give it to her; it mattered not that he couldnt afford such an extravegant gift.

    Errands complete, they sat in their favorite booth at The Greek, waiting to be served. He shyly pulled the necklace from his pocket and presented it to her with both hands outstretched, “A lovely gift for a lovelier lady.”

    “It’s true, then, you’re The Magician,” she asked as a tear slowly meandered down her cheek.

    “Yes, but…”

    She slapped handcuffs on his wrists, dipslayed her badge, and said, “I’m sorry, you’re under arrest.”

  18. Bad Resolution – 1/13/16
    Ahead is a lake of poison, purple and bubbly
    No boat, no friends
    Behind is a long stretch of forked dead ends and a wolf pack
    A blue moon, my night’s gift, barely reveals the bank on the other side
    Three-hundred and sixty-six days
    I take my first step
    Then sink

  19. Jennifer K

    I don’t think so.
    Open wide, breathe deeply.
    Now, go brush your teeth,
    Halitosis isn’t the mostest,
    might be the grossest.
    Yes, please.
    Closure. Close your mouth.

  20. Mark Phillips


    Mark Phillips

  21. Closure – 1/14/2016
    Made it to the end of the book, but I’m not finished. I like how it ended, but when I recline and close my eyes, the story goes on and on in my head. It’s not done yet. There’s something more to be said, so I sit up, wake my tower with a mouse shake, and begin the new tale. When that’s done, I’m not finished. I read the new story, and if I dream, then it ended well, just not well enough for me to stop. I hope that never happens.

  22. Better Late than never…closure for Thursday: The photo album closed slowly, its cover becoming the lid of a different coffin.

  23. Debra Black

    Another button! I can’t believe I’m being thwarted by all these stupid little round fasteners. Ah! Got it! Last one is out of my way. Mmmmm, so silky smooth. Now the hard part. Wrestling that contraption with the hooks.
    “Perry, what are you doing in there?”
    “Nothing important, mom!”
    “I’m going to come in there, then.”
    I frantically scoop some clothes into the bottom of the closet.
    “Wait, not yet! I’m busy.”
    The bedroom door swings wide with no ceremony as I drop the hook and eye fastener I had been working on.
    “Perry, this place is a total disaster! What have you been doing all day?”
    “Aww, mom. I was trying to clean it up. I just got done hanging up my dress suit and I was working on the cummerbund. If you’d have shown up 25 minutes later, I would have had most of it done.”
    “You’re a good boy, and I love you, but if you don’t make good on that timetable you just gave me we’re not going out to dinner to celebrate your band winning the contest today.”
    “I’ll make it! I still get to pick the restaurant, right?”
    “Yes, dear. Now finish up. That suit really looked good on you. Don’t wrinkle it. Here’s the rest of your laundry. You can do that after we get back, though.”
    She sets the bundle on my bed.
    “Thanks, mom,” as she closes the door behind her.
    A whisper drifts from the closet. “Shit, that was close.”
    “I know.”
    “Do you think we still have enough time?”
    “Only if your bra cooperates.”
    A giggle. “I took care of that while you were distracting your mother.”

  24. Debra Black

    Fluttering and flittering things pass through my head.
    A few of them start from the cocoon of my bed.
    But a fraction of those, like precious gems,
    Are fashioned and polished into ideas at the end.

  25. Idea – The idea of who hunts me remains unarmed without jurisdiction and power, unlike my stalker.

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  27. So many awesome ideas for promos and so little time T_T Next time I’ll join!

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