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All Week Long!

In case you missed the first notice of fun and games, our Flash Fiction writing game is still going on! You have until Friday at midnight to show us your brilliance and play along daily.

~The Final Twist


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Flash Fiction Fun (Charlotte Phillips)

Happy New Year!

Just as most of us look forward with anticipation to the annual holiday fest, many find the activity that gets bumped in order to make time for all those parties, family gatherings, and school plays is our writing. So this week is dedicated to blowing off the cobwebs, getting the wool out, girding our loins, sharpening our pencils…and reviving a few brain cells. (Feel free to add your own cliches in the comments.)

At the last 2015 Final Twist meeting, we learned about Flash Fiction – what is it, why is it gaining in popularity, what makes it so powerful?  We used two sources of information: Flash Fiction: What’s It All About? and FLASH FICTION; NARRATIVE STRUCTURE; HEMINGWAY; SHORT STORIES; HARD. If you’re interested in Flash Fiction, these are two good places to begin.

How are these two paragraphs related? We’re dedicating this week to using Flash Fiction Prompts to help us get back to writing mode. Flash Fiction refers to stories under 2000 words, but for our purposes, we are putting the limit at 200 words – and five sentences.

Playing along is easy. Each day, we’ll post a different prompt. You have until midnight to post your flash fiction in the comments. Next week, we’ll create a post that highlights the best post from each day.

Note: By posting a story in the comments, you are granting permission for a one-time re-post of your entry in the body of an article on this site. IF you want to play along and don’t want your work replicated, please say so in your entry.

Are you ready?

Monday prompt: Full Moon

Tuesday prompt: The Gift

Wednesday: Bad Resolution

Thursday: Closure

Friday: Idea


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