Introducing Author Mark Phillips

MarkIntroducing Mark H. Phillips

Mark H. Phillips has been a member of The Final Twist since 2008 and his stories have been selected for inclusion in the annual anthology ever since. He writes mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and even the occasional bit of erotica when asked.

As an active participant in the group, he has delivered presentations on such diverse topics as how to write action scenes, using personality profiles to build characters, and postmodernist writing techniques – which will be shared here in a future blog. He has also mentored a few new members and is a regular contributor to our critique group.

In addition to short stories, Mark has published a science fiction novel, The Resqueth Revolution, and with his wife, Charlotte Phillips, writes a mystery series with spunky PI Eva Baum.

If you’d like to sample Mark’s writing, you can get click the images below to acquire your very own copies.

HacksawEva Baum Mysteries book 1 – Hacksaw


Austin Camacho, author of the Hannibal Jones mystery series, says, “Don’t even open this book unless you’re prepared to be up all night.”



ABOTCA Box of Texas Chocolates (2009), An anthology from The Final Twist

Winner of the 2009 New England Book Festival


Includes “The Invisible Hand Will Smear Chocolate on the Face of Tyranny” and “Truffles of Doom”



TwistedTwisted Tales of Texas Landmarks (2010), An anthology from The Final Twist


Includes “Peyote” and “In the Darkest Deep”








deadlyDeadly Diversions (2012), An anthology from The Final Twist


“The Detective’s Last Case” and “Stamp Collecting Gone Bad”







ADeathinTXA Death in Texas (2008), An anthology from The Final Twist


Includes Mark’s first published short story, “Death on the Bayou”







UndergroundUnderground Texas (2011), An anthology from The Final Twist


Includes “The Fritz Ritz” and “Digging for the Truth”





ResquethThe Resqueth Revolution (sci-fi)

“While not for the faint of heart, this gritty, unflinching, and complex tale is a must-read for horror/hard science fiction fans – – – and those who just like to terrifying tale told well.” – Pauline Baird Jones, author of The Key


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