Texas Mystery Month! (Charlotte Phillips)

In honor of Texas Mystery Month, I thought I’d list some of the Texas writers whose work I’ve enjoyed. I’d love for you to use the comments to introduce me to the work of other Texas mystery writers.

Here’s my list:
• Steven Saylor – lives in Austin, writes mysteries that take place in ancient Rome
• Nevada Barr (lived in Texas for a while, I think, while a park ranger in the Guadalupe Mountains) – the Nevada Barr series
• Susan Wittig Albert – especially the China Bayles series
• Chris Rogers – the Dixie Flanagan books
• Mark H. Phillips (everything he writes)
• Earl Scaggs
• Christy Craig (really writes romance, but the romance revolves around mystery)
• Laura Elvebak
• Rick Riordan (gotta love those Olympians)
• Sylvia Dickey Smith
• Kinky Friedman
I’m sure there are more Texas mystery writers out there. Who are your favorites?

Charlotte Phillips is a novelist and short story writer. With her husband Mark, she writes the Eva Baum mystery series. Charlotte’s short stories have appeared in A Death in Texas, A Box of Texas Chocolates, Demented Dreamspell, I, Twisted Tales of Texas Landmarks, and Underground Texas.


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  1. Bill Crider is great; also Joe Lansdale, Lillian Stewart Karl, Leann Sweeney

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